to Bulletproof Your Core


The "UNLEASH YOUR INNER STRENGTH" program is the first of its kind and designed specifically for accelerated results so you get the most out of every session!

As an Expert Top Level Trainer and Neurokinetic Therapist, Charles offers mind-body tune-ups as part of your training, to upgrade and connect with the greatest technology on the planet (aka: your human body!)



What you can expect: 

Test and determine whether all muscles are firing on all cylinders. 

Correct imbalances or compensation patterns found in the body. 

Build a solid core foundation with the Bulletproof Core technique to stabilize your spine and improve performance.

1. Restore Proper Alignment and clear up any aches and pains with Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT)

2. Feel the Power of Expansion Breathing to help balance hormones

3. Optimize Core Muscle Activation



By combining all three steps and learning the Bulletproof Core Technique, you will instantly become stronger in everything you do!

Each week you will progress rapidly through each phase of training:

1. Alignment (locate & correct any aches and pains) 

2. Strong Core Foundation (BPC Technique)

3. Stability Training (improve integrity of joints)

4. Strength Training 

5. Advanced Power Training

6. Feel like a Super Human!

It only takes 8-12 weeks to look and feel your best by reaching new levels of strength and confidence you didn't know were possible.

It all starts with building a strong core foundation and unleashing your inner strength. 

Integrate these techniques with the most effective/efficient workouts to improve strength and confidence in all areas of your life.

Learn to train smarter, not harder

Improve posture and body awareness

Decrease aches, pains and injuries

Improve your relationship with your body and food

Feel unstoppable!


UNLEASH YOUR INNER STRENGTH Program also includes:

Nutrition Consulting to optimize relationship with food and smart choices, 

Breathwork techniques to handle stress, balance hormones, alkalize body and optimize energy! 

Accountability and ongoing support to stay focused and motivated!

8-12 Week Program meeting in person, or FaceTime/Skype

I use Bulletproof Core every single day in every exercise that I do. I feel much stronger and leaner as well. I feel great and totally recommend!
— Yasmin V.

Investment in Yourself


Bulletproof Core Program: 8 Weeks // $3000

PAY AS YOU GO: INDIVIDUAL sessions // $450