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Highly recommended if you are having issues with your back, feeling lethargic, or sitting behind a computer all day to try this out…give yourself some love and Bulletproof your core!!
— Lana C.

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Great for not just physical performance, but also mental health.
— Kate B.

I was recently lucky enough to win The Attitude of Gratitude game that the incredibly talented Charles Clay hosted. The prize was a Mind-Body Tune Up with the man himself. Since gratitude has been something that I have been more and more conscious of bringing into my life, I definitely wanted to play! After receiving my session from Charles, I am in complete awe of him, his talents, and how absolutely incredible he is as a divine spark having a human experience. His focus and connection to me and my little body was astounding. The way he explains his work, his process, and what it is that my body needed is so loving, so comforting, and so completely present as an advocate that I left my session feeling more in my body and appreciative of her than I have in a long while. She’s awesome! I love her so much! If anyone out there feels a little punky or out of sorts in any way, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Charles Clay to experience the same level of safety, love and connection that I was provided with. It is such a gift to be allowed to feel safe and loved in my own body, and I truly want others to experience what this man has to offer. Charles Clay, you are simply, incredibly indescribable.
Thank you so much my newfound friend.
— Gwyneviere S.
Safety, effectiveness, cohesion, freedom.
— Jordan B.
I can’t thank Charles enough for all the core strength training. I feel GREAT.
— Terry P.
Wellness is more than about how many muscles you have, how big you are or how fit you are. It’s about how you talk to yourself, your self-talk, your positive attitude, what you put into your body, and your overall wellbeing will flourish. We love working out with (Charles)!
— Anne P.
Absolutely phenomenal. Charles facilitates a great space - an amazing space for this work.