Charles helps you achieve long-term healing by locating the root cause of pain or discomfort in your initial session and teaching you tune-up techniques that are easy to incorporate into your routine for ultimate correction. 

Charles ClAY is an Empowering Health Coach, Neurokinetic Therapist (NKT) and Personal Trainer specializing in pain relief with the goal of restoring optimal function in the body and unleashing your inner-strength so you can share your gifts, talents and passions with the world. 

Most clients feel relief and get answers to the root problems causing dysfunction in the first session, rather than only treating symptoms.

You will learn how to correct dysfunctional patterns with easy-to-use tune-ups you can do both at home and at the beginning of your workout, to make sure all of your muscles are firing properly on all "cylinders."

This way you are empowered to heal yourself. 

In a one hour tune-up session you will understand why aches and pains are present, how to correct them and feel more connected to your body than ever.  Unique breath-play (not breath-work) and meditation is incorporated to facilitate the release of resistance in your body. Once proper function is restored, your body no longer has to send pain signals to your brain (think: Check Engine Light) and you can get back to being your awesome self! 

NKT: Past injuries, scars from surgery or wounds, tattoos and even metaphysical factors can cause major compensation patterns and imbalances in the body. With Neurokinetic Therapy, Charles uses muscle testing helps to determine the dysfunction, and manual therapy to teach you correction techniques. When you incorporate these techniques into your life, you are moving back to your natural state of wellness and actually healing yourself! 

In one session of NKT, Charles was able to get to the root of this mind-body link and reestablish the correct communication with the muscle groups and relationship and cohesion between proper use and balance in the body.
— Jordan B.

Mind-Body Tune-up Rates:

Initial session is $200

1 session: $400

5 sessions: $1,800

10 sessions: $3,000

All sessions are one hour.